YPresence Shutdown

I need to shutdown this facility for a moment. Coz i get report from my hosting company that my account used too much CPU resource. I’m not sure wich proccess or script that make the CPU out of resource, they never tell it. But when i look in server log, YPresence is in the first list that have the bigger hits everyday. But if the problem still occur, i will enable YPresence again. Thanx for using my YPresence Image Generator.

6 thoughts on “YPresence Shutdown”

  1. Kok masih ditutup bro? Btw, yang versi flash keren banget tuh. Sekedar alternatif, buat yang pengen generate yang versi standar Yahoo! bisa cek di blogQ, http://www.iroel.web.id/yahoo.html (support 24 gambar standar Yahoo!). Sepertinya hosting share memang tidak memperbolehkan hal semacam kayak gini (bikin web service publik). Tapi kok yang versi flash masih jalan yah? :-? Padahal klo dipikir2, sistem kerjanya kan sama. Trims bro dah mo blogwalking ke blogQ.

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