WordPress Yahoo! Presence Widget

I decide to upgrade some feature from Yahoo! Presence widget for wordpress, created by dhani that taken from Yahoo! Presence Image class that i create. The new feature are, you can change text alert and add your name to the status image. Your name can be different from your Yahoo-ID. Still confuse? Look in my side bar. My name appear as JOKERz but my Yahoo ID is not. Yup just simple feature. Hope you like it. Download here. Just extract it to your wordpress plugin directory, activate it, then look inside sidebar widget. Voila, your done.

5 thoughts on “WordPress Yahoo! Presence Widget”

  1. wahh…

    kalo buat blogger, musti convert logic coding nya dari php ke javascript dong…

    sedikit karatan euy otak gw kalo buat programing… itu juga bikin widget tanya ‘mbah google sama utak-utik 1 jam… :D

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