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Few days ago. I find a case, where my client asks to place their Yahoo! Messenger online status as an online support in their site. So the visitor can see if the online support currently online and using Yahoo! Messenger or not. If a Yahoo! Messenger user clicks their online presence, an instant message window will open for them so they can type an instant message. Yeah i use Yahoo! presence service, but the default presence image doesn’t look fit with the website design i make. And i’m bored with it, so i decide to create new presence image.

Heres the default presence image:
yahoo presence3 yahoo presence4
yahoo presence2 yahoo presence1

you might have been familiar to these standard YM online status button. Bored right?
Heres my own Yahoo! presence image:
myonline myoffline

Hey!! Don’t say its bored too…. its better than Yahoo! default presence image (i think) :D
Maybe you want to customize it with your name, so its look like this

Of course, this is only an example. You can create better buttons on your own.

The image done. Now how to place it in our site. Since Yahoo! presence image service didn’t allow us to change the image directly.
I create some PHP Class, which allows visitor to view your Yahoo! online status using your custom images. According to online doc, we can use “” to see the status. As it’s a picture (a gif), and as we only want a boolean at the end, we just have to check length of picture content. Length for “online” is 140. Else, it’s “offline“.

How to use it.

  • 1. Download the class
  • 2. Extract and upload it to your webserver.
  • 3. Upload your online and offline presence image. Remember, the file name must be in this format, “online_youryahooID.gif” and “offline_youryahooID.gif”
  • 4. Add this line [php]$yahoostatus->YMStatus(‘youryahooID’);[/php] Be sure to replace out “youryahooID” with your own Yahoo! ID.

You may add more than 1 Yahoo ID if you want, the code should be like this.

29 thoughts on “Yahoo! Presence Image”

  1. wahh keren tuh…
    buat yang pake WordPress silahkan download widgetnya untuk Status YM di atas di blognya om dhani

    Nice work dude :)>-

    Tolong sekalian di bahas cara nginstall/make widgetnya hehehehe:d

  2. kurang jelasnya dimana niy?? Ok gw jelasin pake bahasa indo ya.

    • 1. Download dulu class yg di atas
    • 2. Extract file yg uda di download ke suatu folder, misal “yahoo_presence”
    • 3. Kalo ga cocok ama image yg ada silahkan di ganti/edit/bikin sendiri, inget nama file harus seperti ini “online_YahooIDmu.gif” dan “offline_YahooIDmu.gif”. Ganti “YahooIDmu” ama yahoo-ID mu. File image ada 2 buat online dan offline. formatnya “gif” kalo mo format lain bisa aja. tapi harus edit classnya.
    • 4. Masukin code php berikut ini.
  3. i just want to try this on local server but it seems that im having trouble with that.

    please help. where to put the yahoo ID and my own yahoo logo location


    • wow its been 5 years script.
      I believe you will find better one today

      btw, i already explain it all above ex: $yahoostatus->YMStatus(‘youryahooID’);
      you can place the image in any folder, just remember to update the image path on the class too

      the link is working fine
      i just download it, good luck :)

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