Yahoo! Presence Image Generator

Yahoo Presence Image Generator

Yahoo! Presence Image Generator. This is for you guys, who want to use my Yahoo! Presence Image but don’t have web server to upload it. Insert your Yahoo ID (this is required), your name to be displayed (optional) and alert message (optional) when someone click your Yahoo Image Presence. Then copy the code and paste it to webpage where you want to be appear. Maybe it works in friendster. I don’t know, i don’t test it yet. As long as your webpage suppot iframe, it will be works

Some Screenshot:
Yahoo Presence Image Generator

Go there or maybe you wanna try animation version? go here Hope you like it ;)

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  1. ferdhie says:

    nice tools bro ;)

  2. nengbiker says:

    setelah sekian lama ^^

  3. JOKERz says:

    Cama2. :d
    Yang versi flash blom gw publish. anda pengguna pertama. Slamat yee :)>-

  4. ARS says:

    Keren kang! =d>

    Boleh nih diajarin cara bikinnya, sapa tau bisa dikembangin biar support semua messenger :D

  5. JOKERz says:

    cara bikinnya gampang koq.
    tinggal request ke yahoo trus di olah returnnya.
    sementara masih sempet nyobain yahoo. next mungkin gtalk. :)

  6. toplez says:

    ker.. ini pake ikon status online/offline yang di profiles yahoo bukan? .. keren juga bro :d

  7. JOKERz says:

    iya ini pake presence yahoo cuman imagenya gw bikin sendiri.
    sementara cuman 1 jenis doank :d

    kalo mo coba yang versi flash juga bisa.
    silahkan ke

  8. Jauhari says:

    Mantap Bro :D

  9. swiss says:

    dear mr jokerz

    nape bila saya pastekan code tu, image yahoo presence tu tak online pon eventhough i am online? would u please consult me?:(


  10. JOKERz says:

    Where you paste the code to?
    may i know your YM ID?
    You can contact me through if you want to be private.

  11. ghprod says:

    Wow …. there’s another great tools :)

    Thnx a lot :D

  12. JOKERz says:

    Glad you like it

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  14. star_light says:

    :-bd thank you jokerz….

  15. need help! says:

    i can’t go to the link it says “error 404 not found”

    what should i do sir jokerz? need help i need it.. thank you very muck for your kindness