Yahoo Presence Flash Generator

Yahoo Presence Flash Generator

Yahoo! Presence Flash Generator. This is another version for Yahoo! Presence Image Generator, its use flash, it will automatically refresh your status every minute. Same as previous version, Insert your Yahoo ID (this is required), your name to be displayed (optional) and alert message (optional) when someone click your Yahoo Image Presence. Then copy the code and paste it to webpage where you want to be appear. It works in friendster. And every webpage that support embed tag. Go there Hope you like it ;)

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  1. Jauhari says:

    Ngetest Ah :D

  2. Celine says:

    Can I not change the purple thingie….. The purple background at that?

    I just want it customized.

    Would that be possible? :)

    Thanks! :)>-

  3. JOKERz says:

    @Celine : No you can’t

  4. B724S says:

    Salam. Blogwalking….:)>-

  5. ghprod says:

    great tools :)


  6. JOKERz says:

    thanx :)>-

  7. iroel says:

    Wah…keren bro tool bikinannya =d> tapi sayang, klo online statusnya di klik nggak mbuka Yahoo! Messenger kayak yang versi biasanya. Nggak nyangka neh blogQ dikunjungi para master programmer :) .

  8. William Yang says:



    It’s Work !!!!!!!!

    Thank you very much..

  9. wondering says:

    is this flash generator still working? Thanks in advance..

    1. JOKERz says:

      i’m disable it