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Bored with WM5?? Heres some tutorial (created by hma4), how to upgrade your Prophet to Windows Mobile 6. Please read it carefully and do it on your own risk. This is english version, you can find indonesian version here

The old way of upgrading to wm6 is dead and gone. This is a guide to upgrade your phone from WM5 to WM6. You should follow these steps carefully. Step 3 and 4 are necessary only if the WM6 rom you have downloaded instead of nk.nbf has os.nb file and the ExtROM folder

1. Download update_package.zip and unzip it on your PC.
Update Package – Rapidshare
Update Package – 4Shared.com

If you haven’t HardSPL your phone you should. But the good news is you have to do it once and for all.
Connect your device to the usb port then go to HardSPL folder and run HardSPL.bat from your PC.
The HardSPL.bat will perform the SoftSPL first and then will do the HardSPL. so you don’t have to do the SoftSPL manually.

Before doing the HardSPL you should know:
SPL ( Second Program Loader ) Second Program Loader is a boot loader. SPL is similar to a BIOS in a computer and can be flashed and updated.

G3 atau G4
If you soft reset your phone you will see four numbers on top left of the screen. The first one is IPL version. which has this format : #.##.000# the last digit of IPL version indicates if the device is G3 or G4. the G4 device IPL version will end with 0001 and the G3 device IPL version will end with 0000. for example if your device is G4 you might see something like: 2.20.0001

the reason we HardSPL the phone is that the original SPL that comes with the phone check the CID

3. Making the Extension Rom.nb (using that 10Mb that we never used)

  • go to Update_Package\Create Extended Rom\Winimage Trial and run the winimage.exe
  • open the Create Extended Rom\extrom-base\extende_rom.nb with winimage.exe
    you will see a file inside it says : “You should put your files here”. Delete that file!
  • go to the ExtRom folder. (Look at the picture) you will find ExtRom folder in most of the wm6 roms. when you download a wm6 rom, this folder is usually beside the Upgrade_ROM.bat .
  • make all the files read only (Select them, right click , then properties and then read Only)
  • inject the ExtRom folder
  • save the file.

inject folder

4. Convert os.nb and extended_rom.nb to nk.nbf

  • go to Update_Package\Create Nk.nbf and run nb2nbf.exe
  • Change the Model ID from Wizard to : Prophet
  • the CID filed must be empty!! But you can put any number for the OEM version.
  • select “File #1” then browse and select the extended_rom.nb that you have created from step 3.
  • Set the start address to 9B000000
  • Type Extension Rom for image name (Extension Rom not Extended Rom)!!! Edit: you can also write Extension instead of Extension Rom.
  • select “File #2” then browse and select the os.nb you have downloaded.
  • Select OS from Image Name drop down box
  • Select the location you want to save the output file (nk.nbf)
  • Click on Translate button on the top right of the screen.


5. Flash the nk.nbf
Using ROMUpdateUtility_NV_G3.exe or ROMUpdateUtility_NV_G4.exe you can flash the nk.nbf file you have created (or downloaded).

  • copy the nk.nbf that you have created to Update_Package\Update Utilities.
  • click on ROMUpdateUtility_NV_G3.exe or ROMUpdateUtility_NV_G4.exe and follow the instructions. Your main battery has to be more than 50% charge in order to be able to upgrade your rom( just a safety measure).

The benefits of using this new method:

  • More STORAGE area ! the smaller the os.nb the larger your storage!
    I encourage all of you who haven’t tried this method yet, to try this method. Specially if your favorite rom is relatively a clean rom and consequently has small os.nb. If you want to know how much extra storage you will get by using this method subtract the size of the os.nb (in kb) from 58,368. the difference will be the amount of storage you will gain when you try this new method.
  • Faster and safer Rom Upgrade.

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  1. I’m using a Dopod 818pro, which reads the following during startup:

    IPL 1.00
    SPL 1.00.000
    GSM 01.13020

    I don’t think it’s a G3 phone, can I still use your method to upgrade my phone? if not, is there any other way for me to upgrade?


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