Google Chrome Browser

Google will be releasing a browser called Chrome to compete with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is created using Apple’s WebKit and Mozilla’s Firefox. The beta version will be release tomorrow for Windows initially follow by Mac and Linux. […]

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GeoEye Sattelite

Google has signed a contract to use GeoEye the newest half-billion dollar satellite after it launches in September this year. GeoEye would exclusively provide its imagery for Google Map and Google Earth. Imagery will be available at as high as 41cm in black and white and 1.65 meters in color. The deal will only allow [...]

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Knol : a unit of knowledge

Google has revealed the wikipedia alternative, Knol, to the public, letting people write about anything. The key differences are authors can opt to show Google ads to make revenue and authors can choose collaborate when moderating their work. Knol is still young and shy of 7 million edited articles available through Wikipedia. Full press release [...]

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Google Lively

Google has launched a 3D virtual world called Lively just like Second Life with cartoon like avatars. You can create your own virtual rooms and post it on a blog or social network profile. Lively runs on Firefox and IE but the download is only for Windows Vista/XP. Mac users can use virtualisation through either [...]

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