ROM Prophet My Black Edition 2

Dopod 818 proDopod 818 proDopod 818 pro

New cooked ROM (by varanusvincent) available for prophet, with clean edition.
Woohoo!! i luv it :D Free Storage around 63 MB. Free Memory 29 MB. (Adobe Feature not installed at this case). But i got almost 67MB freestorage cool huh?
See screenshot above, combine with SPB Mobile Shell

Feature :

*OS 5.2.19701 Build 19701.1.1.0 (Thanks to Cloudyfa)
*NETCompactFramework 3.5
*SIM Manager 6.42
*NetworkPlugin 1.0.29714.1
*NetworkWizard 1.0.29982.4
*Mode SMS
*WPA 2 Feature Support
*Bluetooth Print
*Bluetooth SAP
*Bluetooth FTP
*Pocket RAR
*Clear Temp
*PPC PimBackup 2.8
*WM 5torage
*Registry Editor
*Advanced Configuration Tools
*Adobe Reader LE 2.0 (Optional)
*Adobe Flash Lite (Optional)
*New design for Solitare .
*New Icon (made by me)
*Black Wait Cursor
*Enable Sound on Call. ( You can hear Music, while calling some one. )
*Some Surprize on Start Up
*6 Mb Page Pool

Download here uploaded by dioxda2

12 thoughts on “ROM Prophet My Black Edition 2”

  1. Bro, saya uda download yang di atas. Pas saya sudah ganti ROM saya sama yang di atas. Kok beda ya… Boleh minta alamat link yang benarny gak…?

  2. Spb Mobile Shell itu apa ya? Apa saya bisa pakai skin seperti itu?
    Sebelumny saya pakai ROM Cloudyfa jadi saya ini upgrade atau downgrade ya..?

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