Nintendo Wii Direct Play From Disc Channel

Many people ask me how to play directly from disc channel with homebrew game. Since i don’t have wii console anymore. AFAIK, today there’s many way how to do it. Try softmii or may be there is better solution now.

I’m not explain how to use softmii. Because i’m not use it to make my wii can play through disc channel. I found tutorial over the internet before softmii was release. Here’s the tutorial, i forgot the author. If you are the author of this tutorial, or you know who is, you can contact me. I will place your name in this tutorial.

Before you try this method, remember, if something goes wrong, you can brick your wii. So do it with your own risk

This basically enables the ability to play your 1:1 backup game discs through the disc channel itself without using any Loader Channel or Menu Patcher. I recommend reading my entry carefully and installing this only if you know what you’re doing, as I will not take any responsibility for your stupidness if you end up bricking your Wii.

First things first, this is what you need:

  • A Wii with system menu 3.2
  • Starfall installed to prevent Nintendo updates and recover in case of emergency
  • Basic knowledge on installing WADs, using the HBC, and so on

Step 1: Up-/Downgrading to 3.2X

  • Get cIOS-Downgrader
  • Download and copy the included .dol file to your SD card and execute using the HBC.
  • Follow the instructions given on screen and select the system menu version compatible with your Wii region.
    – 3.2E for PAL users
    – 3.2U for NTSC USA users
    – 3.2J for NTSC JAPAN users
  • If the installation fails at any point of the process, just try again until it finishes successfully. This happened to me like 5 times too so no need to worry. Just retry.
  • Exit using the home button. Voilà you’re on 3.2.

Step 2: Installing Starfall

  • Get starfall
  • Download and copy the included .dol file to your SD card and execute using the HBC.
  • Follow the instructions given on screen and select the hooks you want to install.

    I recommend installing at least the update block hook + the recovery menu hook to be able to repair semi-bricks. Be careful and check what you’re doing twice, as this writes to your Wii’s NAND Flash. Messing up means you got a new, fresh and clean brick.

  • If you’re done, exit using the home button. Starfall is now installed.

Step 3: Installing the System Menu Patch

  • Get Patched IOS WAD
  • Download the archive above and extract all of the included WADs to your SD card. Install every one of them using the WAD Installer of your preference.
  • Don’t delete the IOSs before installing the patched ones, just overwrite. (otherwise = brick)
  • If you get an error while installing any of these, try again without exiting to the system menu. (otherwise = brick)
  • Once you have done that exit using the home button. The System Menu Patch is now installed.

Optional Step: Deinstalling the System Menu Patch

  • Get Deinstallation WAD
  • If you want to deinstall the System Menu Patch for whatever reason download the archive above.
  • Do not deinstall the previous WADs as you will remove your Wii’s system menu completely which will lead to brick
  • Copy the contents of the archive to your SD card and as described in step 3 just install and overwrite every single WAD file included.
  • If you’ve done that you have successfully removed the System Menu Patch and you’re back to normal.

Congratulations, you have completed the installation process. Now go and enjoy playing your backup games the easy way.
All credits go to the developers, and testers.

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