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AdBlock Plus, Ads were yesterday!
Nice, i use that addon in my Firefox. Its good enough to block Ads.
But i found that i cannot block some flash content in some site. The button to block the content didn’t appear. I dunno why, its very annoying, and thats eat my bandwidth too. Maybe they use some script to bypass it? Well i found some trick to do that too.

Look at flash content below:

And this too:

If you have AdBlock Plus installed (i test it in Firefox with AdBlock Plus v. you will see that the first content will have block button in the top right corner while the others don’t. ;)

How to do that trick? Simple, place flash content inside div, make the size of that div smaller than the flash content, around 38-40px i think. Then add overflow hidden to hide it. Your done!

Hope they fix this bug soon, how about placing block button in the top-left-corner? :D

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  1. You can just ‘open blockable items’ in the menu next to the Adblock Plus icon in the toolbar and look for an element with the type ‘object’ (in this case ‘http://jokerz.web.id/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/flashcontent.swf’). Rightclick -> block and you are done! :) .

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