GeoEye Sattelite

Google has signed a contract to use GeoEye the newest half-billion dollar satellite after it launches in September this year. GeoEye would exclusively provide its imagery for Google Map and Google Earth. Imagery will be available at as high as 41cm in black and white and 1.65 meters in color. The deal will only allow … Read more



Prism is an application that lets users split web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop. Prism lets users add their favorite web apps to their desktop environment. When invoked, these applications run in their own window. They are accessible with Control-Tab, Command-Tab, and Exposé, just like desktop apps. And users can still access these same applications from any web browser when they are away from their own computers.

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A Week ago, i heard that compiz-fusion has been released. Googling how to…. :D and found it!!!
It is not just a new name, quitely behind the scenes developers have been working hard and have come up with some stunning enhancements.
Zoom plugin has been almost rewritten with cool new features like select and zoom and panning, Cube has got reflection, there is now expo mode that can be used along with Cube.

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I just found desktop effects…

What an awesome, I really think that we should be trying to get the fact that you can make your PC look pretty without paying in as many PC magazines as possible. So many reviews I’ve read of Vista have been “this is stable, yes it’s expensive, BUT LOOK AT THE GRAPHICS!!!!”.

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