WM6 Upgrade Guide

windows mobile

Bored with WM5?? Heres some tutorial (created by hma4), how to upgrade your Prophet to Windows Mobile 6. Please read it carefully and do it on your own risk. This is english version, you can find indonesian version here

The old way of upgrading to wm6 is dead and gone. This is a guide to upgrade your phone from WM5 to WM6. You should follow these steps carefully. Step 3 and 4 are necessary only if the WM6 rom you have downloaded instead of nk.nbf has os.nb file and the ExtROM folder

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Disable SMS Conversation / Threaded SMS on WM 6.x

The default sms inbox in WM 6.x is threaded. Similiar with PALM. Some luv it some don’t. For me its annoying. Heres the solution, you need regedit software first. create a folder named OEM in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\M!cro$oft\Inbox\Settings Then in the new named OEM folder, create a DWORD key called SMSInboxThreadingDisabled with a value of 1 Tested … Read more