Moving to new server

Hola world, This is my first post in 2012. Lol, lazy to blogging lately. Well, with this new theme, i move to new server with higher spec (Hope this one is far more better than my last server), new OS, new HCP and lot new experience while setting up new server. I’ll share it later. … Read more

YPresence Shutdown

I need to shutdown this facility for a moment. Coz i get report from my hosting company that my account used too much CPU resource. I’m not sure wich proccess or script that make the CPU out of resource, they never tell it. But when i look in server log, YPresence is in the first … Read more

Yahoo Presence Flash Generator

Yahoo! Presence Flash Generator. This is another version for Yahoo! Presence Image Generator, its use flash, it will automatically refresh your status every minute. Same as previous version, Insert your Yahoo ID (this is required), your name to be displayed (optional) and alert message (optional) when someone click your Yahoo Image Presence. Then copy the … Read more

Ram and Windows

He say : “Nobody will ever need more than 640k RAM!” — Bill Gates, 1981 then : “Windows 95 needs at least 8 MB RAM.” — Bill Gates, 1996 now : “Nobody will ever need Windows 95.” — logical conclusion