WordPress Yahoo! Presence Widget

I decide to upgrade some feature from Yahoo! Presence widget for wordpress, created by dhani that taken from Yahoo! Presence Image class that i create. The new feature are, you can change text alert and add your name to the status image. Your name can be different from your Yahoo-ID. Still confuse? Look in my [...]

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Yahoo! Presence Image

Few days ago. I find a case, where my client asks to place their Yahoo! Messenger online status as an online support in their site. So the visitor can see if the online support currently online and using Yahoo! Messenger or not. If a Yahoo! Messenger user clicks their online presence, an instant message window [...]

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Regex: IMG TAG

As i said before, i wanna share my Regex code, to catch the file name in HTML IMG TAG. Let me explain why i create this Regex code. I have IMG TAG that i need to catch only the file name. I don’t care about other attribute (ex. border=”0″) all i want just the file [...]

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I stuck almost 3 hours today finding the right regex code to convert html img tag in my code. WTF! My previous code doesn't work!! Whats wrong?? I'm too lazy to correct it, read the F**Kin' manual!! Hell Yeah, after couple of hour googling, and combining the code, i get it work correctly. Heres some [...]

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