Cannot access Mii channel on Korean Wii

Mii Channel


For those who use Korean Wii and cannot enter Mii and Photo Channel, like “You can’t access this channel“. Heres the solution, remember, do it on your own risk.

In my case, i found that there is multiple channel installed. Mii Channel Korean and US, Photo Channel Korean and US, News Channel Korean, US and Europe. Its not appear in Wii Channel, but we can see it through file manager. Maybe thats why you can’t access Mii and Photo Channel. I didn’t test News Channel cause i don’t have internet connection in my Wii.Requirement:

1. SDCard

2. Home Brew Channel


1. Download channel file manager

2. Extract

3. Copy folder Channel File Manager to folder apps in SDCard

4. Insert SDCard to wii, turn it on

5. Go to HBC -> open Channel File Manager

6. Press A

7. Choose Wii NAND

8. Choose System Channel Titles

9. Choose which file you want to delete. See reference below.


HAAx Photo Channel

HABx Shopping Channel

HACx Mii Channel

HAFx Weather/Forecast Channel

HAGx News Channel

HAYx Photo Channel 1.1








I found 2 file HAC, HACA and HACK, i delete HACK

then HAYK and HAYA, i delete HAYK

after deleting that file, press home button to return to Wii main menu. The channel you delete must be dissapear, in this case Mii and Photo channel, even there still Mii and Photo channel in US version. Don’t worry, turn off your Wii and turn it on again, and your channel appear back. Now you can access Mii and Photo channel from your Korean Wii. Good luck

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  1. um its a problem for me ya know im confuzed 1:the link is broken 2:what will happen if my sd card has no apps folder 3:what will happen if my wii is bricked 4:if i have 1 files not 2 what should i do or i have 2 and i have deleted 1 it will not work im done with the question

  2. Hey Jokerz, great post! You just saved me from bringing back my Wii to the shop.

    For those who’s a little confused, here’s what I did.

    I had a Korean Wii. Both Mii Character and Photo can’t be accessed. Mii Character at main channel page is in Korean words.

    What I did, as explained by Jokerz:
    1. I downloaded Anytitle Deleter (
    2. Create a folder in a SD card: Apps
    3. Unzip the AnyTitle_Deleter_HBC and copied the whole unzipped folder into E:\Apps\
    4. Your SD card shall now have E:\Apps\AnyTitle_Deleter_HBC\
    5. Slot SD card into my Wii and boot.
    6. Launch Homebrew channel
    7. Check the installed channels
    8. Found two duplicated channels:

    HABK Shopping Channel
    HABA Shopping Channel
    HACK Mii Channel
    HACA Mii Channel

    9. Mii channel has been duplicated; Photo channel not duplicated; Shopping channel has been duplicated.
    10. I deleted HACK (Mii Channel Korea Version). Ignore the rest.
    11. Exit the program and switch off and switch on my Wii
    12. Mii Channel gone (sweat…!)
    13. Took a deep breath. Switch off the Wii and switch on again.
    14. Taadaa! Mii Channel appears in English as “Mii Character” (previously was “Mii 문자”)
    15. Set my Mii character and done.

    Thanks again to Jokerz.

  3. Thank you so much ! I Tried many tutorials on how to get the homebrew, then tried yours about the mii channel and finally got it working ! Right now im running wii menu 4.2 U on a korean Chipped wii with mii , photo , wii shop , forecast , news , Backup launcher channel , homebrew ,Neo gamma backup loader ( R7 ) ,wii backup launcher and mario kart channel another korean news and forecast (i got the us ones when i updated using US DECCA SPORTS )working.
    I want to install homebrew browser . When i connect my wii online it asks for a wii system update. I refused and i tried playing online but it asked me to accept wii user agreement which said my wii would be bricked if i had any unauthorised software . Now if i install the homebrew browser how will i use it without internet ? (i know u dont need wifi to install the homebrew browser )If i install the homebrew browser will it automaticly connect to my wifi ( even though i did not agree to the user agreements ) ?:d
    Pls. help thanks a million in advance !

  4. anyone. please help, i did what joker did.. but in my case..
    there is no duplicate.. so i deleted HACK.. i did not see HACA, so now i deleted the Mii channel.. now how can i Install a mii channel, in english HACA… please help!! thanks

  5. When i go to homebrew channel, it gives me bubbles and 2 objects in the bottom right corner, One flashes when i press the button 1 and then when I press A, nothing happens, Please Help Me, i am a 12 year boy

  6. Please, could you answer my question, it does not read my SD Card. And could you give a solution, thanks in advance! If I get through this step, I can perform all the other steps easily, Please reply fast…

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