Autoremote tool for OsX

Since there’s no autoremote desktop app for OsX, i decide to build it for my own purpose.
This app is pretty simple, but it will save you a lot of time rather than opening terminal console and typing whole ssh command directly. Yay!!

Before you can run this app, you need to create “key.txt” file and fill it with your autoremote key. Place the key file in the same folder with this app, and it will run flawlessly, other wise it gonna ask you to locate the key file.

If you don’t know how to get your autoremote key? you can refer to this post.

When you run this app, you will see an input box to enter autoremote message, ok button to send the message, cancel button to close this app.

Sending message with “Ok” button not gonna close this app, i set it to stay open just in case you want to send autoremote message several times. Also it will catch part of your message if it contain autoremote splitter ( =:= ), so you don’t need to type whole message again next time you want to trigger the same task. this is useful if you have task with long trigger word (arpar) and send it frequently. example is command to reply whatsapp message, and the trigger word is something like “whatsapp reply friendname=:=hello world”, see… its pain in the arse if you need to type the whole text again everytime you want to reply whatsapp message :)

Well… that’s all, time to grab this app autoremote-OsX

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