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Ubuntu Jaunty Sound Problem

Just want to share and as a note for me, so i'm not forgetting how to solve it if i reinstall my system again. If you have sound problem with Realtek (ALSA) in jaunty. Go here Then go to : Downloads > Computer Peripheral ICs > PC Audio Codecs > High Definition Audio Codecs > [...]

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YPresence Shutdown

I need to shutdown this facility for a moment. Coz i get report from my hosting company that my account used too much CPU resource. I'm not sure wich proccess or script that make the CPU out of resource, they never tell it. But when i look in server log, YPresence is in the first [...]

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Cannot access Mii channel on Korean Wii

THIS TUTORIAL IS WRITTEN ON 2009, AND MAYBE ALREADY OBSOLETE. For those who use Korean Wii and cannot enter Mii and Photo Channel, like “You can’t access this channel”. Heres the solution, remember, do it on your own risk. In my case, i found that there is multiple channel installed. Mii Channel Korean and US, [...]

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