Windows Mobile Bootloader Stuck

Many people asking me how to solve the problem when they stuck at bootloader screen of their device especially Dopod 818pro a.k.a Prophet. Well cause i never stuck at bootloader screen, i didn’t know the answer. :p Ok, I’m googling for you guys.

  1. When you get stuck at 3 color bootloader mode, you have to make it with PDA VIET TEMP or NVID.
  3. here is the link for PDA VIET TEMP
  4. hxxp://
  6. and you wil get WM5 no vendor.
  7. So after that.. HARD SPL first..
  8. after that flash your new ROM.
  9. by Varanusvincent

Right now the link above still work. I don’t know how long. But please mirror it to keep the file exist.
And please read the manual before Flashing ROM.