Dopod 818 proDopod 818 proDopod 818 pro

New cooked ROM (by varanusvincent) available for prophet, with clean edition.
Woohoo!! i luv it :D Free Storage around 63 MB. Free Memory 29 MB. (Adobe Feature not installed at this case). But i got almost 67MB freestorage cool huh?
See screenshot above, combine with SPB Mobile Shell

Feature :

*OS 5.2.19701 Build 19701.1.1.0 (Thanks to Cloudyfa)
*NETCompactFramework 3.5
*SIM Manager 6.42
*NetworkPlugin 1.0.29714.1
*NetworkWizard 1.0.29982.4
*Mode SMS
*WPA 2 Feature Support
*Bluetooth Print
*Bluetooth SAP
*Bluetooth FTP
*Pocket RAR
*Clear Temp
*PPC PimBackup 2.8
*WM 5torage
*Registry Editor
*Advanced Configuration Tools
*Adobe Reader LE 2.0 (Optional)
*Adobe Flash Lite (Optional)
*New design for Solitare .
*New Icon (made by me)
*Black Wait Cursor
*Enable Sound on Call. ( You can hear Music, while calling some one. )
*Some Surprize on Start Up
*6 Mb Page Pool

Download here uploaded by dioxda2