Yahoo! Presence Image Generator

Yahoo! Presence Image Generator. This is for you guys, who want to use my Yahoo! Presence Image but don’t have web server to upload it. Insert your Yahoo ID (this is required), your name to be displayed (optional) and alert message (optional) when someone click your Yahoo Image Presence. Then copy the code and paste it to webpage where you want to be appear. Maybe it works in friendster. I don’t know, i don’t test it yet. As long as your webpage suppot iframe, it will be works […]

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ROM Prophet My Black Edition 2

New cooked ROM (by varanusvincent) available for prophet, with clean edition. Woohoo!! i luv it :D Free Storage around 63 MB. Free Memory 29 MB. (Adobe Feature not installed at this case). But i got almost 67MB freestorage cool huh? See screenshot above, combine with SPB Mobile Shell […]

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Flash Content Bypass AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus, Ads were yesterday! Nice, i use that addon in my Firefox. Its good enough to block Ads. But i found that i cannot block some flash content in some site. The button to block the content didn’t appear. I dunno why, its very annoying, and thats eat my bandwidth too. Maybe they use some script to bypass it? Well i found some trick to do that too. […]

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WM6 Upgrade Guide

Bored with WM5?? Heres some tutorial (created by hma4), how to upgrade your Prophet to Windows Mobile 6. Please read it carefully and do it on your own risk. This is english version, you can find indonesian version here The old way of upgrading to wm6 is dead and gone. This is a guide to upgrade your phone from WM5 to WM6. You should follow these steps carefully. Step 3 and 4 are necessary only if the WM6 rom you have downloaded instead of nk.nbf has os.nb file and the ExtROM folder […]

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Stuck at Bootloader

Many people asking me how to solve the problem when they stuck at bootloader screen of their device especially Dopod 818pro a.k.a Prophet. Well cause i never stuck at bootloader screen, i didn’t know the answer. :p Ok, I’m googling for you guys. […]

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