Prophet WM6 Upgrade Guide

Bored with WM5?? Heres some tutorial (created by hma4 and translated to Indonesian by varanusvincent), how to upgrade your Prophet to Windows Mobile 6. Please read it carefully and do it on your own risk. This is Indonesian version, you can find English version here Cara mengupgrade WM6 yang lama sudah tidak berguna. Berikut ini adalah cara mengupgrade WM5 ke WM6 yang baru. Harap ikuti langkah – langkah berikut satu persatu dengan baik. Langkah 3 dan langkah 4 , hanya dibutuhkan apabila ROM yang menggunakan OS.nb dan Folder Ext.ROM […]

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Indonesian Operator Prefix Number

0811……. = Telkomsel Kartu Halo 0812……. = Telkomsel Kartu Halo / Simpati 11 digit 0813……. = Telkomsel Simpati 0814……..= Indosat Matrix 3G 0815……..= Indosat Matrix / Mentari 0816……..= Indosat Matrix / Mentari 0817……..= XL Prabayar & Pascabayar 0818……..= XL Prabayar & Pascabayar 0819……..= XL Prabayar & Pascabayar 0859……..= XL Prabayar & Pascabayar 0878……..= XL Prabayar [...]

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KISS60; Flash Lite screensavers for S60!

KISS60 enables Adobe® Flash® Lite screensavers on a wider set of devices, offering more effective promotions for campaign managers and higher revenues for content developers and distributors. […]

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Install Flash Lite Menu

Few days ago after bought SE handset, i found some cool themes that use adobe-flash as the media of main menu. I try to find out how to create/use/upload/install that to my handset. After some trial and error, finally i successfully upload/install flash lite menu to my handset. There have been quite a few finished flash lite menus circulating the internet which are quite impressive. Here’s a quick run down on how to implement them into your Sony Ericsson flash lite enabled phone, since you need to associate them with a theme file. Tested on SE w850 (CID 52) with XS++ v1.6.8, hope it works with other SE Handsets. […]

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E61 Shortcuts

Nokia is well known for rewarding phone owners who spend time to learn the ins and outs of their phone. The E61 is no different. Here’s a collection of tips, shortcuts and secret codes for the Nokia E61. […]

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